How To Ride | Equipment Required

  • A smart trainer or -
  • A traditional trainer with either a power meter, or a speed and cadence sensor.
  • A bicycle to mount on your trainer or any unassisted pedal cycle, as long as compatible, will do.
  • A Zwift subscription.
  • A device that can run the Zwift app and pair to your trainer, power meter, speed and cadence sensors.
  • More details can be found here.

How To Ride | Initial Setup

  • Install the Zwift Companion App on your phone:
    1. Android
    2. Apple iOS
  • Login
    1. The first time you open the app you will be prompted to log in. Use your existing Zwift account email and password.
  • Follow your Meetup host:
    1. Your meetup host's name will be emailed to you beforehand (also check Facebook), but it will typically be one of these three:
    2. Jacques Joubert [CMC] / Cobus Potgieter [CMC] / Johann de Wet [CMC]
    3. Use the "Find Zwifters" option to search for him/her and Follow them on the app.
    4. (Only if you have your Zwift privacy settings set to “Approve Follow Requests”) Please approve the follow request when the app notifies you that your host has requested to follow you.
  • You’ll be invited to the Meetups a week before the event.
  • Please RSVP to the ride beforehand by opening the app and tapping on the meetup invite to accept.
  • That's it, you're all set for the event.

How To Ride | Hosted Meetups


CMC will be hosting groups (called “Meet-ups” in Zwift) at the specified times for each event. The details, including host names, will be included with your entry confirmation email.

Hosting is typically done by either Jacques Joubert [CMC], Cobus Potgieter [CMC] or Johann de Wet [CMC] - feel free to follow us on Zwift so we can invite you to our meetups.

While not mandatory, these groups are a more sociable way of completing the virtual events. The Meetup will automatically stick to the selected route for the event, so participants can be sure they are on the right track.


How To Ride | On Your Own

As long as you stick to the event date, cut-off time and route you can ride at whatever time your prefer.
  • Put on your kit, fill up your water bottles, turn on your fan and get on the bike
  • Launch Zwift.
  • Select the appropriate world and route for the event or stage as per the event email.
  • Login.
  • Click / Tap “RIDE”.
  • Ensure you have the correct equipment. Mountain bikes are mandatory for this event
  • You can change your bike by clicking/tapping MENU->Garage->Frame and selecting an MTB.
  • Complete the required route and submit your results


Your results can be submitted to is in two ways:

(Preferred) You can link your Zwift account to your Strava account and give our timing partner - Uwe Koetter - access to automatically pull your results. This is as simple as clicking the "Connect with Strava" button here, logging on to Strava and allowing the required permissions.

Alternatively you can submit your results manually by completing this form

The link to your activity file from either Strava or Zwift serves as your proof of completion.

  • You can get the link address of your activity in your internet browser
  • You can also obtain the even link by sharing it out of your Strava app to your clipboard