CMC Sports League – Terms and Conditions

Participation and entry

    1. The competitions is open to all – we welcome both CMC members and any other clubs, teams or riders and runners who wish to join us.
    2. Participation is normally free, unless otherwise stated on the specific event / challenge detail page
    3. Entry is via registration on the CMC Commix website:
    4. Strava is required for participation. All registered participants need to register for the timing system by linking their Strava accounts at

Routes, timing and handicaps

    1. Routes will be published ahead of time on the specific event / challenge detail page and on the WhatsApp groups.
    2. Rides and Runs can be completed at any time during the specified event timeslot.
    3. Timing is done automatically via uploaded Strava activity.
    4. We may not time the entire published route, but choose a particular segment that is less prone to disruptions by traffic, traffic lights and stops. The portion of the route that is timed will be communicated on the website and WhatsApp group.
    5. For individual entrants, their best time for the segment as recorded by Strava activity during the assigned event timeslot will be their competition time.
    6. Team challenges: For team entrants (if applicable), the (n)th participant’s time – as specified in each League’s rules – across the segment as recorded by Strava during the event timeslot will be their competition time. There may be a minimum number of results needed for a team result to qualify.
    7. Events with handicaps: For some events the results for the specified Strava segment will be adjusted by factoring in a handicap to produce an “adjusted result” used to determine League results. Your handicap is calculated by calculating the percentage difference between a predetermined benchmark result and your time. This percentage is used to adjust your actual time downwards – think “golf handicap”. If you do not have a handicap yet, your first League event will be used to calculate your handicap.
    8. Events with handicaps: For team results (if applicable), the “adjusted result” is determined for each individual rider first. The team result is the (n)th highest adjusted result.
    9. Handicaps will be recalculated of the weekend, based on the previous weeks’ results. For the duration of a League, your handicap can only be adjusted downwards.

Teams (if applicable)

    1. You may enter as both an individual and a member of a team simultaneously.
    2. Teams consist of a specified minimum and maximum number as per the rules of each League.
    3. A rider/runner can only ride/run for one team. The entry page will prevent you from registering for more than one team. If you need to switch teams, please contact the organizers.
    4. The minimum number of riders/runners need to complete a segment for the team to receive a valid time.


    1. Interim results will be visible on the website as Strava activities are uploaded. This should be considered provisional.
    2. Final results will be published on the website and WhatsApp group over the weekend following an event.
    3. A leaderboard for individuals and teams will be maintained and updated as the league progresses.

Equipment (cycling)

    1. You may use a road or mountain bicycle to complete the route.
    2. The same bicycle must be used to complete all events in a specific League.
    3. No time trial bicycles or e-bikes.

Equipment (running)

    1. Running shoes. Barefoot if you are brave
    2. No outside assistance.


    1. By participating, you agree to adhere to the spirit of the competition. This entails participating honestly and not engaging in any acts that could give one an unfair advantage.
    2. No drafting behind vehicles.
    3. No hanging on to vehicles.
    4. No recording on Strava while inside a vehicle.
    5. No electric motors on bikes.
    6. No bicycles when you are running.
    7. Complaints for dishonestly are to be directed to the organizers directly.
    8. Each participant agrees to cooperate with the organizer should the accuracy of their results be called into question for any reason. This includes (but are not limited to) verification of the accuracy of equipment, accuracy of recording equipment and credibility of rider performance. Should a rider’s witnessed performances differ significantly from their baseline performance, the organizer may suspend said rider from the League pending verification.
    9. With regards to all complaints, appeals and decisions on timing results the race organizer’s decision is final.


    1. Events are self-navigated; there will be no marshals.
    2. Always be aware of your surroundings while riding.
    3. Respect the rules of the road. Safety first.
    4. (Cycling) Ride within the yellow line wherever reasonable.
    5. (Cycling) Helmets are mandatory.
    6. Be courteous and respectful towards other road users.
    7. A good result is not worth an accident.


    1. By participating, you agree that participation in the League and rides is at your own risk and that no person, club or sponsor can be held responsible for any damage suffered as a consequence of participation.